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If you want to optimize the positioning of any web project you must make a good management of external links.

Google's evolution is to increasingly improve the quality of the content it offers to users.

That is why it is very important that you have defined a correct strategy of backlinks, which is natural so that you get the search engine to help you improve the positioning and increase traffic to your website, blog or ecommerce.

You must also know from where you are receiving links that will transmit authority and you must check that they do not harm you and if they do, disavow them before Google.

Keep track of your external links with DinoRANK's External Link Management feature.

How the External Link Management feature works

Add new links.

Next, you will see the statistics of all the external links that your website receives: the follow links and the type and quantity of anchor text and if it is related to the content that is being linked to.

Below you can see some very useful graphs with information about the anchor text used and the URLS linked.

It also shows the total list of external links that your website has and tells you about each one:

  • URL from

  • URL to

  • Anchor text

  • Whether or not they are do follow

All this information is useful for you to see and check that everything is OK and to obtain statistics about the proportion of follow and no follow links and anchor text used.

You must check that the anchor text corresponds to the correct keyword, related to your content and you must also check that the proportion of each type of anchor text is appropriate for your website.

The anchor text can be branded, keywords, semantically related words or generic.

Avoid receiving external links that harm your website by working on a linkbuilding strategy.

Improve your digital marketing strategy through linkbuilding

Reach the top of SERPS with relevant external links

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