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Sometimes out of haste, sometimes out of convenience and sometimes out of ignorance.

You have to deliver several contents and you don't get there, or you have been writing articles for that unmentionable blog for so long that you don't even remember it...

You run out of ideas, themes and worst of all... you get bored... so much... And there's the temptation; look for a similar article and take a few pieces, not too much, just a few sentences...

Weeks go by and the organic traffic to your client's website starts to suffer. Maybe there has been an update from Google and you haven't heard about it? You start looking for what could have happened, you're running out of time, all that time you didn't spend creating original content.

And in the end, you find out why.

Thin content is content considered low quality by both Google and users. by both Google and users.

It is content that hardly has any traffic and, therefore, it harms the positioning of your site, niche or online store.

That's why, in addition to writing quality content, you have to review your project from time to time to check that everything is going well.

The Thin Content feature helps you to locate duplicate or low-quality content and work on it so that Google doesn't penalize your position in the SERPs

How DinoRANK's Thin Content Detection feature works

  • Enter in the calendar the dates in which there has not been a lot of organic traffic.

  • List of URLs that have not received traffic in that period.

  • Look at the content of the resulting URLs to see what might be happening and how to improve it.

  • You have 3 options to solve the Thin Content:

    • Redirect to another URL with similar content

    • Reinforce that content by adding words that are semantically related to the user's search intent.

    • Here remember to use the WDF*DF and Prominence feature to enhance that content.

    • You can also remove it by redirecting it to the URL where you have improved the content or deindexing it.

Reasons why a page does not receive views.

  • If you have recently uploaded content, you should wait.

  • Privacy policy pages, cookies, etc., do not provide valuable information and therefore, it is better that they are not indexed.

  • Excessively short content. Short content doesn't have to be of low quality, but if you have a lot of short content on your website, Google's crawl budget is spread over many different URLs.

The annual subscription to the DinoRANK Starter Plan costs 29 € per month.