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Your position in Google results has a lot to do with the trust the search engine has in your website.

And the links that your project receives from other websites is fundamental to generate trust.

Imagine this situation:

The boiler breaks down in your house and you have no idea who can help you with it. You call your father to tell him about it and he tells you that you have to call Juan:

  • "Do you remember Juan, the one who went to high school with your brother? Well, I've been told he's a machine at fixing those things."

You doubt, because Juan in high school was dedicated to drinking beers and little else, but call your brother and ask him to see what he knows:

  • "I know he does that for a living now, but I don't have much idea what it's like, although I think he arranged a couple of stories at the bar around the corner. Ask there and see what they tell you."

And in the bar around the corner, they keep recommending him to you: "He's a crack, he fixed it quickly, he gave us a price... everything is great".

Finally you decide to call Juan and over the phone he asks you a couple of questions about your boiler that make you see that he clearly knows what he is talking about. He thinks it has something to do with the gas outlet and that probably changing a rubber part will solve it.

You ask him to come when he can and keep an eye on it.

Well, in this story, the contents of your website would be Juan's knowledge on the phone, which made you see that he was the right person to help you.

But the links are the recommendations of your father, your brother and the guy at the corner bar, without which you would never have called Juan.

And if you also want to generate those links in your project; if you want to do linkbuilding, you need a tool to help you.

DinoRANK's Link Building feature

Linkbuilding is one of the fastest ways to get results in Google search results.

For it to work you will also need good content, a well thought out URL structure and DinoRANK to take care of other aspects of your website, but linkbuilding is like nitrous oxide.

It makes you speed up. And a lot.

But to use it to your advantage you have to know which sites link to your competitors and from which URLs.

With the backlinks tool you can enter a domain in the search engine and see how many links it has and at what rate it has been creating them.

You will be able to answer important questions such as:

  • Is this an industry where a lot of linkbuilding is done?

  • Can I be aggressive from the start or do I have to go slow?

  • Does the link profile continue to grow and improve?

Behind the graph you will see important metrics such as:

  • The number of domains linking to the site.

  • The total number of links the site receives.

  • What authority the website has based on its links.

  • With which anchors you are linked to and which ones are most frequent.

This information is tremendously useful, but would fall short if it were not for the icing on the cake.

You will also be able to see from each of the websites that link to it:

  • When it was first linked.

  • How many links they emit and from which URLs.

  • To which URLs these links arrive.

  • What is the anchor text.

  • If the link is nofollow or dofollow.

In addition, each time you perform a search, a report will be generated that you can review or repeat whenever you want.

Develop a good link building strategy and watch your results soar.

Find out which links your competitors have to see which ones you can replicate and which ones you cannot.

Find all links to your own website and remove harmful links.

Combine the function of Internal Linking and Link Building to ensure that the authority reaches your website and is distributed to the correct URLs.

Analyze websites in your sector to see if it would be interesting to get a link on them or from which URLs it would be better to do it.

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