The next generation SEO suite

DinoRANK is the only tool you need to do SEO. Putting Google under your control has never been so economical.


SEO Audit

Keyword Research

Internal Pagerank

Position tracking

Link Building Management

Internal Linking

Semantic Prominence

Thin content

Visibility Graph

Competence analysis

Personalized support


Keywords tracked daily


Active stored URLs


Active domains

Tracking positions

Monitor the keywords of your projects and those of your competitors

Measure your growth and analyze that of your competition. Tracking for searches on PC, mobile and by geolocation.

SEO Audit

Easily find and debug your project's SEO errors

Analyze your domain in a comprehensive way: Index/noIndex - Follow/Nofollow - Goals - Https Vs Http - Error codes ...

Semantic Prominence

It gives the keywords to be written in each case so that the text is positioned

It analyzes the Google Top10 for the keyword to position and tells you with what words to accompany that text.

Internal Pagerank

It shows how you have distributed the authority in your domain

Knowing the authority of each URL will allow you to redistribute that power to the content that you are most interested in positioning.

Internal Linking

View all the internal links of your projects or the competition

Study the distribution of the competitors that position in your sector


Find the URLs of your domain that compete for the same keyword

Eliminate cannibalizations in your domain through better focus or content specialization.

Keyword research

Search and find new keywords long and short tail to rank

Get volume, annual trend graph and competition level of the keyword

Visibility Graph

Analyze the estimated traffic and keywords that your competition positions

Learn about trends in competitors or how the latest Google update has affected

Backlink management

Control the type of links you receive and anchor text ratio

Detect changes in your backlinks instantly. Your linkbuilding strategy always under control.

Your domain like you never saw it before

In a single click you will have the web architecture of your domains.

Improve internal linking by distributing authority to the content you want to rank.

Quickly and intuitively you will understand the structure internal URLs and you will get the most out of internal linking.

* Inside DinoRANK you will find a tutorial on how to use our internal linking function and position yourself as a PRO.

Enlazado Interno

Control the evolution of your keywords and those of your competitors

Track the positions of all your keywords in Google.

Analyze the evolution graph of the tracked keywords and add specific notes in the graph of that keyword every time you perform any SEO action in that URL.

With our SEO tool you can also see the day-to-day evolution of the Top20 competitor for each keyword you are tracking (its fluctuations in SERPS).

Comprehensive debugging of SEO errors in the domain

View the health status of your website with just a few clicks.

DinoRANK finds all the errors your domain has, offering you advice and recommended actions to solve any problem it has detected.

With the DinoRANK audit you will ensure that your domain is clean of errors and free of dangers that could harm your position in Google.

With our SEO software you will have a domain 100% optimized for the SEO On Page. Ideal for SEO and digital marketing agencies.

Auditoría SEO

Content strategy adapted to sector and competition

We give you the keywords and the structure that your competition is using to position itself in Google.

Our SEO suite will literally tell you what keywords you have to use in your texts, their layout and the amount of times it should appear in the content.

If you must create new texts, this DinoRANK module will give you the roadmap to make an article that it positions adapted to the sector and the user's search intention.

Its use is essential for the work of an editor or copywriter to gain visibility on Google.

Estrategia de contenidos

Keyword Research

Find the keywords that the user searches in Google for your sector.

Discover the seasonality and growth trend of all the keywords you want, as well as their monthly search volume, cost per click (CPC) and level of competition.

Do the search for a primary keyword to obtain all its semantic derivatives, short tails of relevance long tail and locals.

Keyword research

Analyze your competition and discover which keywords it positions

Knowing the enemy is a necessary condition to overcome it.

This module will allow you to know the evolution and trend of any domain.

You will also be able to know the quantity, quality and position of the keywords that it positions in Google.

You will have a lot of information with which to work and draw conclusions.

New opportunity keywords, a new approach for the cluster ... in short, understand how your competition moves and what works best depending on the sector or niche you want to position.


Plans & Pricing

Select the annual plan and enjoy discounts on the price of the DinoRANK SEO suite

DinoRANK Starter

Ideal for niches

‚ā¨ 16,45 /month

Taxes included

  • Unlimited domains
  • 400 Keywords to track
  • Geolocalized Tracking
  • Real Search
  • 25 Domain tracking
  • 300 WDF*DF analysis (contents)
  • 200 Keyword Research
  • 50 results by keyword research
  • 20 Cannibalization & thin content tracking
  • External linking management
  • 50 Graphic analysis of competition visibility
  • 50 results by visibility analysis
  • White Label Reports

DinoRANK Pro

Ideal for consultants

‚ā¨ 28,84 /month

Taxes included

  • Unlimited domains
  • 800 Keywords to track
  • Geolocalized Tracking
  • Real Search
  • 50 Domain tracking
  • 600 WDF*DF analysis (contents)
  • 600 Keyword Research
  • 100 results by keyword research
  • 40 Cannibalization & thin content tracking
  • External linking management
  • 150 Graphic analysis of competition visibility
  • 100 results by visibility analysis
  • White Label Reports

DinoRANK Business

Ideal for agencies

‚ā¨ 45,62 /month

Taxes included

  • Unlimited domains
  • 1500 Keywords to track
  • Geolocalized Tracking
  • Real Search
  • 100 Domain tracking
  • 1000 WDF*DF analysis (contents)
  • 1200 Keyword Research
  • 200 results by keyword research
  • 80 Cannibalization & thin content tracking
  • External linking management
  • 300 Graphic analysis of competition visibility
  • 150 results by visibility analysis
  • White Label Reports