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Doing good keyword research is not just about entering a keyword into a SEO tool and picking the ones with the highest number of searches.

Anyone can do that. That's why some projects fail (or never improve) and clients who leave their agencies or SEO consultants.

The objective of doing a good keyword research is to to place in your text the keywords by which the user is going to search for your product or service in Google.

For which you must take into account the search intention.

You can't do the basics by working with free SEO tools, because they don't always give you results associated with the search you've done.

And that can be dangerous if you want to work professionally, of course.

Performing keyword research that works is a fairly manual process, because it also depends on your ability to interpret the data

That's why, to do a professional keyword analysis you need an SEO tool that gives you clear information that is easy to interpret and use.

The Keyword Research feature helps you to find the best keywords to bring qualified traffic to your niche website or your client's website and improve your positioning (and in turn your sales)

Here's what it offers you:

Search by country and language in one click.

Option to copy the keywords to the clipboard.

Downloadable reports for you to work on as you wish.

How Keyword Research works.

  • Enter the keyword you want to analyze, the language and the country.

  • List of keywords.

In this listing DinoRANK shows you the following information:

  • Derived keywords

  • Search volume

  • Cost per click (CPC)

  • Competition for this keyword

  • A trend graph

  • Option to copy the keywords you are interested in to the clipboard

  • Option to download the report in CSV to work on it

You can see the seasonality of the keywords (if there is any) to know when you have to put more emphasis on selling them. Also you can see the derived keywords (long tail) that will have less search volume but surely, they will be easier to position.

Use the Keyword Research function to get the right keywords and include them in headings, titles and subtitles of your content.

Discover trends and opportunities in the keywords of your web project.

Detect ideas for writing articles that will improve your organic reach.

The annual subscription to DinoRANK costs 50 € per month.